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GYM Rules

The Body Conscious Gym Rule Book

A. The rule book

  1. We get it, no one enjoys reading the rules, but they’re kind of a big deal. Before you get active, there are a few things we’d like to point out in the interests of your security, safety, overall health and to make sure you have a great time inside our Gyms.

  2. Everyone at Body Conscious Gym must play by the rules laid out in this rule book. The rules aren’t just any old rules, they’re part of your official Body Conscious Gym Contract and have been carefully prepared by our legal guys. So, please take a moment to get to know them. Your failure to comply with the rules may result in severe consequences for your continued use of the Gyms and in some instances, may even affect your continued membership at Body Conscious Gym.

  3. These rules cover all:
 3.1 Gyms (and in addition ‘Gym’, for purposes of these rules and where applicable, also includes the National Head Office, the Call Centre and/or any online or social media Body Conscious Gym platform);
    3.2 offerings (including, but not limited to, any online or social media offerings); and 3.3 equipment and other facilities, however not all offerings, equipment and/or facilities may be available at every Gym.

  4. Individual Gyms may, from time to time, display their own additional operational rules (including Gym specific operating times), which you must also comply with.

  5. Despite what any other rule in this rule book may say, all or some of these rules may be temporarily modified or suspended to cater for unforeseen circumstances. In such instances, additional guidance will be provided in the Gym, our online platforms and/or our website (

B. Who should play by the rules?

  1. All members, guests, tenants, contractors, visitors and staff must play by the rules.

  2. IMPORTANT: If you believe that anyone is not playing by the rules, please let one of our staff members know, they’ll handle the matter on your behalf. While polite requests to other members are fine, please DO NOT attempt to enforce the rules yourself as this may escalate the situation and land you in hot water.

C. Sticking to the rules

  1. If you do not comply with the rules or are under investigation for non-compliance with the rules, we may, depending on the circumstances: 1.1 temporarily suspend your Contract; 1.2 ask you to leave the Gym; 1.3 deny you Gym access; 1.4 if it’s really serious, cancel your membership.

D. The odd change

  1. At times, we may change our individual Gym operating times, or change these rules, but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to let you know if we’re going to do so by updating our website or by sending you notification through other means. It’s up to you to be on the lookout for any changes that may be implemented, which may extend to a fee being charged for any group exercise offering that requires members to pre-book in order to participate.


E. From the get-go

  1. Is this your first time? All members (including junior members) must either complete or read and carefully consider the medical risk questionnaire before using our gym facilities. You’ll also need to sign an assumption of risk, which simply states that you’re aware of, and take responsibility for any applicable risks to your health (or your dependent’s health) when exercising. We recommend that you (or your dependant) regularly consult a qualified medical professional who can give you (or your dependant) the green light to commence and/or continue with exercise.

  2. Please read the warnings and stick to the guidelines displayed in our gyms and studios.

  3. Consult a doctor if you’re concerned about any health risks.

  4. Have you completed our in-house induction programme? This is a complimentary introductory session with a fitness instructor available to all new members. Not only is it a great way to familiarise yourself with our Gyms, classes, equipment, etc, but it also shows you how to use our online products like

  5. We recommend that you spend 10 minutes warming up your muscles before starting any type of exercise. If you jump straight in, you risk damaging your muscles and/or straining your heart, neither of which sounds like fun.

  6. Always remember to stay well-hydrated during exercising. While we allow drinks in water/sports bottles, we don’t allow food or other drinks on the training floors, studios, pool decks, courts and outdoor areas.

  7. No bags are allowed on the training floors, studios, pool decks, courts and outdoor areas.

  8. Sweat happens so please carry a sweat towel at all times and use the disinfectant spray and paper towels available to wipe equipment (especially cardio equipment) after use.

  9. IMPORTANT. If you experience acute pain, dizziness, a sudden headache or chest pain, stop exercising immediately and inform one of our helpful staff members. And let us know if there are any changes to your medical condition because we care. Fact.

F. General use

  1. We know it might be hard to tear yourself away, but please enter and leave the Gym punctually at the times displayed at the entrance, which may vary from Gym to Gym and can be amended from time to time (see Rule B.1 and Rule D.1).

  2. Pets (other than guide dogs, for which you will be solely responsible for) are allowed inside our Gym, however, you take full responsibility for your pet and taking care of your pet, Body Conscious Gym will not be held liable for any injury caused by your pet and will not be held liable in the event your pet loses its life.

  3. Firearms, ammunition or any other type of weaponry isn’t permitted anywhere on the Gym premises unless the weapon is in the possession of an on-duty member of the national police force who is in the Gym in his/her official capacity on police business or protecting an official person/government minister. Any police officers/security officials who are utilising any Gym, facility or equipment in the Gym as a member, may not bring a weapon into the Gym.

  4. We’re not fans of smoking or vaping, therefore any kind of smoking or vaping (through e-cigarettes or by any other means), isn’t permitted anywhere on the Gym premises or outdoor training areas.

  5. Photography & Video 5.1 You cannot take photographs, video (live or recorded), Facetime or broadcast from the restricted areas listed below: 5.1.1 changing rooms;
    5.1.2 toilets; 5.1.3. any area where there are children 5.2 You must not take photos or video footage of any children under 18 other than your own (in such case the other restrictions in this Rule F.5 still take precedence).
    5.3 You cannot take photos or video footage of any of our CCTV equipment or footage.
    5.4 Respect the privacy and the rights of your fellow members when taking photos or video footage of yourself within a permitted area of the gym, and do not take photos or videos of other members without their express and prior permission (i.e. please be mindful of how people may inadvertently appear in the background of your selfie, Facetime or video call). You will be requested to delete them (if a complaint is raised or if it is brought to our attention), and if you refuse, we may suspend or terminate your membership.
    5.5 If we believe that you have made a broadcast or taken a photo or video footage in a restricted area, or we have any other concerns with you broadcasting or taking a photo or video footage elsewhere in the Gym (in each case to be determined in our sole and absolute discretion), we may ask you to show us the images or video taken and/or ask you to (i) cease the broadcast, (ii) delete it, and/or (iii) remove the post if it appears online or on social media, and if you refuse (or if the harm that we are trying to avoid has already occurred), we may suspend or terminate your membership. We take a zero-tolerance to cyber-bullying, and if a broadcast, photo or video taken by you in a Gym is subsequently posted on social media (either by you, someone you have shared it with, or someone connected to someone you have shared it with), we will still hold you responsible for all such posts, and depending on the circumstances (and these Rules), it may result in the suspension or termination of your membership (and further legal action could be taken against you). 5.6 Sometimes we use our Gyms for photo shoots, to film videos and for other promotional purposes. If you’re in the Gym during this time and your image is taken, you consent to us using it in our branding and marketing material.
    5.7 Unless prior written approval has been obtained from National Head Office, no professional photography or video, photo shoots, media related photography or video, is permitted inside the Gym.

  6. You may not use, distribute or bring alcohol or drugs into/in our Gyms.

  7. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell and/or market any product or service to other members, staff or contractors in our Gyms or on any of our social media or online platforms. We’re all about making exercise fun and irresistible, so no conducting of surveys, research, questionnaires, data gathering, or other activity which can be a nuisance to other members or may interfere with staff carrying out their duties, is permitted within our Gyms, social media or online platforms.

  8. The use of Body Conscious Gym’s various names, marks or logos for promotional, marketing, advertising or any other activity is a no-go.

  9. Our Internet station computers, as well as our social media and online platforms are available for use by you, subject to this rule book, the terms and conditions of Body Conscious Gym’s computer, Internet, online platform and Wi-Fi rules, policies and/or procedures. A copy can be found on our website. Junior members under the age of 14 who use these facilities in the Gym must be accompanied and supervised by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) at all times.

G. Access

  1. An access card, wristband or other device (a.k.a “Access Device”) will be issued to you when you join.

  2. All members must have their photograph taken for the Access Device, so make sure you’re looking good.

  3. Please present your Access Device at the access point, or to the receptionist, every time you enter our Gyms.

  4. Please report a lost or stolen Access Device to your nearest Gym and we’ll organise a new one for you. Unfortunately, we’ll have to charge you the replacement fee.

  5. Left your Access Device at home? Luckily your ID or passport number will get you in for a total of three consecutive times only, after which a new Access Device will be issued to you at the going rate.

  6. No one else may use your Access Device (not even your twin brother or sister. Nice try).

  7. If your membership fees aren’t up to date, if we have terminated/suspended your membership or if you have frozen your membership, you won’t be allowed inside our Gyms, sorry.

H. If you bring a friend

  1. At our discretion, you may bring guests to train with you upon payment of the guest fee or redemption of a valid promotional voucher and completion of the Guest Register. Your guest must bring their national identity document or passport and have his/her photo taken.

  2. All guests must play by the rules.

  3. You must accompany your guests at all times and are responsible for their behaviour which, if inappropriate, could affect your membership.

I. Illegal substances

  1. Listen up. We take a zero tolerance approach towards the use, sale, possession or endorsement of any form of illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs (including steroids or any other banned substances) on Gym premises, in the parking area or on any of our online and social media platforms.

  2. Any infringement of this rule gives us the right to cancel or suspend your membership at our absolute discretion. No ifs or buts.

J. Behaviour (inside or outside the Gym or online)

  1. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You may not enter the Gym or use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol, illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs or supplements (including steroids) or if we believe your faculties to be impaired in any way which could cause harm or damage to yourself, other members, visitors, members of staff, tenants or the facilities we provide.

  2. The following forms of verbal/other expressions are not allowed (and where applicable, the further publication by you, even if not originally authored by you, is strictly prohibited): 2.1 An expression that amounts to: (a) propaganda for war; (b) incitement of violence; (c) advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
    2.2 An expression which is or can reasonably be understood to demonstrate a clear intention to be hurtful, degrading or inflammatory.
    2.3 An expression which could reasonably be understood to demonstrate a clear intention to unfairly discriminate against any person on grounds of race, gender, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.
    2.4 An expression which could reasonably be understood to demonstrate a clear intention to advance or suggest the inferiority of a group based on race, gender, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.
    2.5 An expression which could reasonably be understood to impair or is likely to impair the dignity of others.

  3. Do not make any statements or commit any acts of intimidation or threats, or use menacing behaviour towards other members, guests, visitors, tenants or members of staff or the public, or conduct yourself in a way which can reasonably be expected to result in disruption to the Gym and its operations.

  4. Do not verbally, physically or sexually abuse, harass or use violent behaviour towards, other members, guests, visitors, tenants or members of staff or the public.

  5. Do not commit (nor publicise electronically or otherwise) any unhygienic or immoral acts, including any acts of a sexual nature, which may cause harm (physical, mental or emotional), distaste, revulsion or abhorrence to other members, guests, visitors, tenants or members of staff or the public.

  6. If you, your guest or dependants cause any damage or harm, you’ll be paying for it.

  7. While showering together may save water, we must insist on only one individual per shower cubicle at any given time.

  8. Do not bring our name, brand or reputation into disrepute.

  9. Everyone should be having fun when using our facilities, and if you’re doing something that is preventing that, you’re probably doing it wrong. Please conduct yourself in a way that does not detract from other member’s enjoyment of our facilities.

  10. We’re family friendly and there’s kids around. So please, no obscene, rude, vulgar, or profane language, statements, images or gestures are allowed (including on clothing).

  11. The manager on duty is responsible for monitoring the behaviour of members or guests and if, in his/her opinion, the behaviour is found to be non-compliant with the rules, it may result in: (a) the member or guest being asked to leave the Gym, alternatively being removed from the Gym; (b) in extreme circumstances, the cancellation or suspension of a Body Conscious Gym membership.

K. What (not) to wear

  1. Suitable and appropriate exercise clothing (no bare chests please guys) and footwear (no slops/sandals) must be worn while exercising. If you’re unsure of what to wear, just ask.

  2. And remember Rule J.10 when picking out your outfit, and Rule M.12 when changing in and/or out of it.

L. Parking

  1. Parking is only for members and guests while using our Gym facilities. Where applicable, you are liable for any parking fees that may be due.

  2. Please park in designated parking bays and do not use the disabled parking bays or the “moms and tots” parking bays if you’re not entitled to do so.

  3. If your car isn’t parked properly, it may be clamped and a fee charged for its release.

  4. It goes without saying, but please don’t leave valuables visible inside your vehicle.

  5. Just remember, all vehicles are parked and driven at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or valuables left in vehicles or any other mode of transport of members and their guests while on Gym premises, including any parking area designated for use by members/guests

M. Lockers, change-rooms, and personal belongings

  1. Subject to availability, lockers are provided in the change-rooms/locker rooms at Body Conscious Gym to store your gear while you train.

  2. Smaller valuables lockers (or Drop & Go lockers) are also provided for essential items like your wallet, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, etc. – use these at your own risk.

  3. Please bring two appropriately sized, high-quality padlocks, one for your valuables Drop & Go locker and one for your locker in the change-rooms/locker rooms.

  4. We do not guarantee that the use of a locker will prevent theft or damage to your property, so please (i) check that the locker is actually locked after using the padlock and (ii) ensure that your personal insurance policy covers you for the loss of personal effects.

  5. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or damage to personal property belonging to members and their guests, whether locked in a locker or otherwise.

  6. Be cautious. Do not leave your belongings unattended in the change-rooms/locker rooms or anywhere else in the Gym at any time, and immediately report any lost items to a staff member.

  7. Lockers may only be used for keeping gym kits, toiletries, and the clothing that you were wearing when you came to the Gym. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a locker is being used for the storage of something else, we may open the locker (forcibly if needed) and remove any offending items.

  8. Lockers are available for use while you're in the Gym only.

  9. For security, hygiene, and other reasons, any belongings left in a locker overnight will be removed and placed in lost property at the owner’s risk.

  10. Any belongings removed from a locker or left unattended will be available at lost property at the Gym for 14 days, after which they will be donated to charity.

  11. Where available, change-rooms that are or were previously designated for members with disabilities only may also be used as gender-neutral change-rooms for eligible members who choose to and/or feel more comfortable doing so. These change-rooms may also be used by members with children over the age of 4, where the child may not be taken into a change-room designated for opposite-gender adults (See Rule EE.8 in this regard).

  12. As a courtesy to staff and other members, particularly children, only designated change-rooms may be used for purposes of undressing and/or for changing in or out of clothing.

N. Equipment and the training floor

  1. Please use the equipment for its intended purpose. Always follow the instructions provided and ask for help if you need it.

  2. Please inspect equipment before use and do not use the equipment if there is an ‘out of order’ sign, a sign stating the name of a specific component of the equipment (indicating that the component is broken), or any other similar sign, or if it appears unsafe, damaged, inoperable, has missing components, is worn, and/or damaged. Please report damaged equipment to a staff member.

  3. Please use all available safety devices on the equipment.

  4. When using strength equipment, ensure that the weight pin is completely inserted, and never pin the weight stack in an elevated position.

  5. Please do not use dumbbells or any other equipment, other than equipment specifically provided by the manufacturer, to incrementally increase weight resistance on strength equipment.

  6. Before stepping onto a treadmill, make sure that the belt has come to a complete stop, and never jump off while the belt is still moving (you're not that person in those YouTube videos).

  7. Handle weights and equipment with care and replace them after use.

  8. When in the Super Circuit, move with the timer and use the equipment (including the steps) in numerical order, or give way.

  9. Some equipment has time limits; please adhere to them so that everyone gets a chance to use it.

  10. No booking of equipment is allowed (whether with a sweat towel, by an imaginary friend, or any other means).

  11. While bringing your own kit is encouraged, it comes with conditions. Preferably, only our equipment is permitted within the Gym, but we may allow, at our sole discretion, personal equipment or aids of a reasonably small size that do not pose a risk to you, other members, or staff. Please do not attach your personal equipment to any of our equipment, fixtures, or fittings – you will be liable for any harm or damage caused. Remember the rule prohibiting the marketing of products to other members (no showcasing your inventions). If necessary, we may revoke this discretion at any time and ask you to discontinue using personal equipment inside the Gym.

  12. Please also refer to Rules EE, FF, and GG regarding junior members being on the equipment and the training floor.

O. All group exercise classes (i.e., in the studio, on the floor, or other classes)

  1. All classes on the timetable are bookable.

  2. Bookings can only be made online via our website or on the Body Conscious Gym mobile app.

  3. You may only make one booking per person, per class (no booking for friends).

  4. Currently, 80% of vacant spaces in a class will be available for online booking, and bookings will be open 8 days in advance. Soon, all vacant spaces in a class will be available for online booking – we will notify you once this change has been made. Until then, the remaining 20% of spaces will be available for bookings 30 minutes before the start of the class, in person, at the relevant class or studio entrance.

  5. You will be limited to making up to 8 ‘live’ bookings in any 8-day booking cycle – you can spread these across a single day or throughout as many days in the booking cycle as you wish.

  6. Bookings will close 30 minutes before the start time of each class, and should there be any spaces available in a class thereafter, those spaces will be allocated to members physically present outside the class on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.

  7. Subject to Rule O.9, a booking will secure you a space and participation in a class but will not secure you a specific space or a specific piece of equipment in the class.

  8. Sometimes a specific space or a specific piece of equipment in a class is bookable. Where this is the case, it will be made clear upon making the booking, and Rule O.9 will apply.

  9. Class check-in – If you have booked a class, you must arrive in person at least 5 minutes before the class begins; otherwise, your booking might be given away to someone else.

  10. Cancellations - If you’ve booked a class but are unable to attend, please cancel your booking on our website or on the Body Conscious Gym mobile app at least 3 hours before the start of the class.

  11. If you repeatedly do not show up or continue to cancel late (i.e., within the 3-hour period), we may suspend or stop your ability to make bookings in the future.

Other rules relating to classes: 12. Class timetables and instructors may change from time to time and without notice. Please check the Gym notice boards, our website, or the Body Conscious Gym mobile app for up-to-date details.

  1. While you’re welcome to use any facilities and equipment at your convenience, please remember that any classes led by our staff or fitness instructors always take priority, and these facilities or equipment may be temporarily unavailable for use at your convenience while these classes are in progress. Classes will usually be advertised, but that may not always be the case, so please give way as and when required.

  2. If you are not participating in a class, please do not disturb the class (either by entering or in any other way).

  3. Our goal is to offer a safe and effective exercise class for all members, so if you choose to attend a class, please follow the direction of the Body Conscious Gym fitness professional to the best of your ability to minimize disruption and safety risks for everyone else.

Age restrictions for classes: 16. Junior members aged 7 or younger may not participate in any adult group exercise classes unless participating in age-appropriate programs/classes led by a Body Conscious Gym recognized fitness professional.

  1. Sometimes we change or update our adult group exercise classes, and as a result, junior members aged 8-13 years may participate in some adult group exercise classes where we specifically permit their participation from time to time, but always on the strict condition that when we do allow this, the junior member is supervised by their parent/legal guardian – please consult your Gym or our website to ascertain which adult group exercise classes in your Gym permit the participation of junior members aged 8-13 years.

  2. Junior members aged 13 or younger may not participate in any Mind & Body classes, indoor cycling classes, or The Grid classes unless participating in age-appropriate programs/classes being led by a Body Conscious Gym recognized fitness professional.

P. Power Plate

  1. Please read the warnings and observe the guidelines displayed in writing near the Power Plate equipment.

  2. Consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health risks before using the equipment.

  3. Junior members under the age of 14 may not use the Power Plate.

  4. Fourteen to seventeen-year-olds may only use the Power Plate under the supervision of a Body Conscious Gym recognized fitness professional.

Q. Indoor Cycling

  1. See Rule O (All group exercise classes (i.e., in studio, on the floor, or other classes)) regarding group exercise class bookings, age restrictions, and other rules.

  2. If necessary, check that your shoelaces are securely tied and tuck long pants into your socks to prevent any interference with the pedals.

R. Boxing, skipping, and kettlebells

  1. Observe the space around you when using the boxing equipment, skipping ropes, and kettlebells to avoid harming others.

  2. For your protection, wear protective hand wraps and gloves when using a boxing bag.

  3. Junior members under the age of 14 may not use the kettlebells, skipping ropes, or boxing equipment.

S. The Gym

  1. See Rule O (All group exercise classes (i.e., in studio, on the floor, or other classes)) regarding group exercise class bookings, age restrictions, and other rules.

T. Hair and hygiene

  1. Please limit hair grooming to avoid excessive hair in the shower and the basin areas. This isn’t just gross, but it can easily block drains. As a result, shaving is only permitted in the showers and at the basins and under the following conditions: 1.1 No shaving in the sauna, steam rooms, spa bath, and aqua lounge, even if these facilities are within the bathroom area; 1.2 Guys, please stick to shaving your head and face only, and please do this at a basin; 1.3 Razors and electric razors aside, no other hair cutting equipment is permitted to cut or trim hair, even if this is done with the intention to shorten the length of the hair in order to shave; 1.4 Please clear the basin or shower of any removed hair(s); and 1.5 For the safety of our cleaning staff and other members, razors must not be left lying around and must be wrapped in paper before being thrown away in the bins provided.

U. Personal training

  1. If you’re interested in signing up for a personal trainer, you’re in luck. We have a variety of authorized trainers to choose from on the Body Conscious Gym mobile app or on display boards inside our Gyms. You’re welcome to contact them directly or ask at reception, and we’ll happily introduce you to someone.

  2. Only authorized Body Conscious Gym personal trainers are permitted to provide personal training in our Gyms. Personal training by another member is not allowed, whether for payment or not. If we find someone providing unauthorized personal training, our Club Manager will investigate, and you and the trainer may be expelled or suspended.

  3. Personal training services are on offer in most Gyms. Personal trainers work for themselves, but in some Gyms, they are Body Conscious Gym employees. In all instances, however, please make sure that you sign an agreement with your personal trainer and obtain a receipt every time you purchase sessions.

V. Safety

  1. Please don’t mess with fire doors or tamper with any safety devices.

  2. Please follow the health and safety notices displayed throughout the Gym.

  3. Please take note of the emergency procedures, and if there’s an emergency, please follow the staff’s instructions at all times.

  4. When using staircases, hold the handrails and proceed with caution.

  5. We use different floor surfaces throughout our Gyms, so please be aware of what you’re walking on to avoid taking a tumble.

  6. As ongoing cleaning and maintenance will be taking place, related tools and equipment may be hazardous, and some floor surfaces may be wet and slippery. Proceed with caution in these areas.

  7. Please report all injuries/incidents and/or any hazards that you spot to a staff member.

V. Junior members (i.e., under 18)

  1. Junior membership fees vary according to the age group the child falls within and whether or not their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) has a membership.

  2. Until they reach the age of 18, junior members’ access to the Gym and its facilities will also be dependent on the age group they fall within.

  3. Access to the Gym does not include access to facilities that require a separate membership. Parents/legal guardians are not permitted in these areas unless special or ad hoc permission has been temporarily granted by us.

  4. Junior members under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) when accessing the Gym. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must remain with their child/children at all times, actively supervising their child/children throughout the Gym.

  5. Junior members under the age of 8 may not use any equipment in the Gym.

W. Last but not least​

  1. Please contact your our Call Centre (in South Africa) on +27 836 445 058 or log onto our website for more information.

  2. We reserve absolute discretion when approving membership applications.

  3. Complaints should be made directly to the Gym General Manager or in writing via the suggestion/comment boxes provided in the Gyms or via the ‘send us a message’ tab on our website or through any of our other digital mediums which provide for this function.

  4. Our right of admission remains reserved at all times.

Thank you and have a great workout!

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